300cm x 750 cm (118” x 295”)

The Eye is a public video installation produced as part of Bienalsur International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America. It consists of a close-up video of an eye installed on top of the Museo de Arquitectura y Diseño (MARQ) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The eye sometimes stares straight ahead in a seemingly passive state of observance and at other times darts around actively, tracking people and monitoring its surroundings. The presence of a disembodied eye in public is simultaneously surreal and disarming.

Inspired by representations of the eye across different times and cultures, the piece alludes to the metaphysical symbolism of the eye and the omnipresence of surveillance in our technologically driven world. In ancient Egypt, The Eye of Horus was a symbol of protection, sacrifice, healing and restoration. The All Seeing Eye of the Freemasons served as a reminder that God was always watching. The third eye represents insightfulness and the path to higher consciousness in Hinduism and Taoism. In contemporary cities, the eye has more sinister connotations of surveillance and control as epitomized by Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.

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