Sublimation of Memory features two digital slideshow projections of panoramic collages. The panoramas were constructed from snapshots taken during my travels through South America and Iceland.

Like most travelers, I took many pictures on my journey. They were to serve as personal reminders of my experiences and as tools to share those moments with others.

When I think about my travels now, many thoughts come to mind at once. My mind floats freely from place to place and time to time, linking together unconnected experiences. In comparison, my snapshots feel like incomplete fragments and communicate very little. By combining individual snapshots into the panoramas, I am weaving together different times and places in a way that feels more true to my experiences and the way I process them now.

I chose to project the panoramas partly as a tribute to the travel slideshow, a popular way for past generations to share their travels. The slideshow also simulates the elusive immateriality of memory. When projected, the panoramas are ungraspable— there for a moment before fading away, your attention continually flowing from one to the next.

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Installation view
Skagastrond, Iceland